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Boiler Installation Comes with Repair and Service

Wondering why boiler installation is necessary? Well, you will realize it after actually installing it! A boiler is basically the heart of heating system in your house! In winter, if you are sitting at a comfortable temperature, a working boiler is the reason behind that relief. Though we don’t really see the working of a boiler, Masterfix experts know all about it. That is why we are skilled in maintaining, cleaning, and fixing the boiler’s heating system. In our 26 years of experience, we have dealt with different mechanical and physical problems in heating systems. Our team is capable of boiler maintenance 24/7.


How Does a Boiler Work?

The working of a boiler is not rocket science; water heats up to a limit. Hot water or the steam moves forward within the pipes to all house parts and is finally dispersed through radiators. The baseboard radiators also called radiant floor systems, are thoroughly responsible for the dispersion of heat. 

If your house or personal space has a baseboard in its interior walls, it means a boiler is working for that whole heating system! With the help of radiating tubes in a boiler, you and your family can survive the cold, chilling days of the year smoothly.

Basic Components of Boiler

A commercial boiler is a water heating system that operates on combustible fuel. Some boilers are heating systems that provide heat to the whole property they are installed in. The hot water or steam is circulated through chambers and oilers throughout the entire facility. Boilers are the standard heating systems in homes, offices, and extensive facilities to keep the space warm. Here are the components of the boiler:

Burner: This is the main component of a boiler that is responsible for water heating. It is basically the place where the air mixes with the fuel and combusts. Further, the host combustion gas enters the boiler and serves for heat exchange.

Heat exchanger: It is responsible for heat transfer produced in a burner to the boiler within the combustion chamber. Made up of elements like steel, cast iron, and copper, heat exchangers tend to wear heat at extreme levels.

Firebox: a place where the fuel meets with air to produce the flame.

Control panel: Clear from its name, this is the boiler control that helps to control and set the temperature, amount of fuel, and air to the boiler. It is also responsible for maintaining internal pressure and ignition.

 Maintenance is a Necessity!

You will never pay attention to the maintenance of the boiler until it stops working or shows irregularities. In the spine chilling cold winters, who wants the boiler to stop suddenly? Make sure you adopt regular boiler service and repair services. Do call us if you experience:

  • Strange odours in your home can be an indication of a dangerous gas leak.

  • If the area around the boiler is wet, there can be leaking water that needs to be repaired immediately.

  • If grinding and clanking sounds from the boiler are becoming common,  that is the time to call Masterfix.

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