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Gas Fireplace Inspection Checklist, Marked?

Maintaining your modern fireplace is our responsibility! Be it a decorative fuel effect fireplace or radiant gas fire, Master Fix got you covered! Of course, you don’t want to feel that chilly cold strike on a wintry night! We are adept at fireplace servicing and maintenance. The services we are providing are completely customized and chosen according to your needs. Along with repair replacement and fixing, we provide advice and technical support so that you can choose the best for your home.

A modern fireplace requires minor cleanup yet provides complete warmth to your space. But it has become essential to maintain these modern fireplaces.

Maintain Fireplace!


A fireplace in a house has overheard many winter stories, laughter and lullabies. Isn’t it? Winter gathering can be dull and grim without sitting around a fireplace. A fireplace is the only cosy place to sit When days become darker and nights become longer. Wait, how long has it been since you have cleaned your fireplace? 


Well, it seems a heavy task, but it is necessary to maintain the only fireplace in your space.  Be it a modern fireplace or that old classy traditional fireplace, both need care and maintenance. Cleaning a fireplace is also an important task, just like any other clawing activity in the house. There should be a thorough inspection and service of the entire fireplace system.

Types of Fireplace

Usually, the kitchen is supposed to be the heart of a house, but the situation can be debatable if we bring the fireplace in. Not only does it provide touches of warmth and comfort in your indoor environment but also in relations and hearts too. With time, these traditional heating systems transformed into two types, Electric fireplace,
Gas fireplace

The gas fireplace looks like an actual wood fireplace and somewhat acts like that too, but you can assume what is making fire. Gas, of course! Frankly, a gas burning fireplace is easier to maintain than a real wood-burning fireplace. That’s because you have the control to reliance how much gas your fireplace can consume. 

At the same place, if we talk about an electric fireplace, it works with electricity; it is an electric heater that mimics a traditional fireplace. Whichever fireplace you are using, always remember every fireplace needs maintenance! 

A Mandatory Checklist

  • Check input and output pressure on the gas valve.

  • Check whether thermocouple/thermopile connections are clean or not.

  • Check if the pilot flame is in the perfect setting.

  • Check whether there is any crack or signs of failure in the fire log set.

  • Check if gas burners and air shutters are adequately cleaned; if not, clean and remount them again.

  • Check if the burner and gas pilot is appropriately mounted in the gas fireplace.

  • Ensure the glass door is clean, and don’t forget to check the hinges, locks, and latches.

  • Do a regular vacuum out beneath the fireplace.

  • Inspect the thermostat wiring, make sure the connections are tight and clean.

  • Check the flue and exterior vents are correctly attached to counter leaks.

  • Make sure the thermostat is placed properly.

  • Do not forget to inspect the anticipator and calibration setting.

  • Always follow safety inspections.

For more help, you can call Master Fix Building. Our gas fireplace repair services are completely tailored according to your needs.

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