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Plumbing Services At Your Doorstep

Running taps, blocked pipes, low water pressure, and blocked water heaters, are you trying to deal with all these plumbing issues on your own? The running tap since last week is still not repaired. Clearly, you need plumbing services. Do you know, according to a study, an average leak annually can waste 9,500 gallons of water? It becomes a social responsibility to rectify such leakage issues as soon as possible to conserve water. We understand your busy schedule is not allowing you to deal with this household maintenance; that is why we are at your disposal round the clock to deal with emergency plumbing services throughout the Lower Mainland.

Installation, Replacement, or Repair, We Do It All!

Dreaming of a home you are going to build, you imagined all the facilities and accessories in it, right? You want to install every asset of plumbing in the kitchen, bathroom, and garden area. But you are unaware of the whole fixing process, the accessories, and budget, etc. Master Fix does all; just give us a call! You just want someone to bring you a good collection of bathroom accessories and installation and repair services.


We understand that Affordable plumbing services are required while building a new home or renovating a space. We are skilled in working with any type of bathroom accessories and brand you are planning to install. You just have to mention youtube requirements, and Master fix Building will be at your door with all the equipment, accessories. Also, our professionals are experienced in replacing and repairing every kind of bathroom and toilet accessories. Not only the bathroom but complete commercial plumbing services are available for you around the clock.

Our Reliable Plumbing Services Include:

Routine Plumbing Services

  • Cleaning the drain: You must be neglecting this, but it becomes necessary to clean the drain hole entirely after a while. For a healthy environment, a germ-free bathroom and no traces of foul smells, do include complete drain cleaning to your “to-do-list”. If regular drain cleaning is not part of your janitorial services, this may lead to blocked drains. Don’t work Masterfix’s experts are skilled to do this!


  • Detecting leakage: Aforementioned, leaking taps are actually not contributing to saving the natural resource “water.” Being a responsible human on earth, don’t you think it is mandatory to check water leaks as soon as possible? We are available 24/7 for you with our plumbing services! You are just part of zero conservation of water, i.e., the fundamental element of life.


  • Thawing frozen pipes and taps: In winters, the most common issue is frozen and blocked pipes and faucets. You do notice the water pressure you were getting in your tap is less than usual, but most of the time, you ignore that. That is not the solution; such issues should be corrected shortly.


  • Regular water conditioning: The water we use contains hard minerals and some contaminants. Avoid using contaminated water; bring regular water conditioning services to your home.

Emergency Plumbing Services

  • Clogged drains and toilets
  • Running toilets and taps 
  • Rectifying flushing issues
  • Repairing and replacing broken pipes
  • Repair water heaters
  • Check the extremely low water pressure 

Master Fix Building has highly trained and experienced Greater Vancouver plumbers to provide master plumbing solutions. Remember, we are just a call away from you!

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