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Heat Pump Installation Imparts Heating and Cooling


When was the last time your heat pump was serviced? If you are using heat pumps rather than other conditioning alternatives, you must be concerned about maintenance. We never think about servicing our conditioning systems until or unless it stops working in our busy schedule. You must plan a regular diagnosis and servicing before it actually stops working. Choose Masterfix for heating maintenance services this time! Masterfix is facilitated with all types of heating services around Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland area. You need to understand the mechanism behind heat pumps; these pumps offer an energy-efficient alternative for all conditioning systems in all climates.


Components of a Heat Pump




Reversing valve



Outdoor unit

Indoor coil


Working of a Heat Pump

Basically, a heat pump is not a new technology; it has been part of our daily life for decades. It is an electric device that extracts heat from one place to another place. A substance called refrigerant that circulates in a heat pump functioning for heat transfer through the cycle of evaporation and condensation. Then a compressor plays a part in pumping the refrigerant between two coils called “heat exchanger coils.” The refrigerant evaporates at low pressure and absorbs heat from the surrounding in one coil. Further, the refrigerant is compressed and undergoes condensation at high pressure on the way to the other coil. And then finally comes the point where it releases the heat that was absorbed earlier in the cycle.


In summers: a heat pump system pumps cold air from outside to your warmer/ hot indoor space.

In winters: a heat pump system is responsible for pumping warm air into the cold space. Basically, these pumps maintain a comfortable temperature in your space.


Mostly, people prefer heat pumps as they are ample to provide both heating and cooling. With a heat pump, you don’t have to bother about installing separate systems in your space.


Benefits of a Heat Pump

Less maintenance: After installation, heat pumps can run smoothly for at least five years. Considering there must be an annual checkup of the system to ensure its components are doing well. For that annual maintenance, you can call Masterfix whenever you feel like your heat pump needs service.

Safer than other heating methods: Heating pumps are safer than other combustion-based heating systems. As they rely on electricity, there is no need for fuel to generate heat. They are safe to operate and come with fewer safety concerns.


Life expectancy: If maintained regularly, it has been recorded; heat pumps can serve a space for 50 years. Though the average life of a heat pump is 15 to 20 years which is better than any other heating system.

It is necessary!

We continuously use heat pumps in our homes for 12 months, so it becomes necessary to clean and maintain them regularly. Masterfix’s factory-trained experts are experienced in dealing with any emergency issues in heat pumps! So, don’t think twice before calling us. To maintain year-round climate control in your home, you must invest in heat pump installation. And if you are seeking heating maintenance services, Masterfix got you covered! Contact us for any issues with your heating systems. It is an electric device that extracts heat from one place to another place.

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