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Home Blog Does the Electric Fireplace Produce Heat or is it for Show?

Does the Electric Fireplace Produce Heat or is it for Show?

Electric Fireplaces are taking over the conventional forms in terms of popularity nowadays. The traditional fireplaces are being penalized because of the reduced green credentials. In such a scenario, the electric fireplaces can prove to be a worthy investment via electricity being a readily available supply of energy for most homes. The electric fireplaces look more or less like the conventional ones and look quite realistic.You can find one of the best electric fireplace at online stores at the most reasonable prices.
Most electric fireplaces have been available on the market recently, which can provide heating functionality. But the question arises that how is the heat given off? Also, how much heat does an electric fireplace give off compared to the other fireplaces? Let’s get a brief idea of the electric fireplace and its heat emissions below:

Heat Emissions of Electric Fireplaces

Every electric fireplace model you can buy recently consists of a heating element that can be switched on to emit heat. The heating element is found separate from the flame within the fireplace. Fans will charge up when the heating element of the fireplace is turned on, the cool air is taken in from the room by the heating elements, and hot air is given out.

It involves the simple process of plugging your fireplace into the nearby electric socket in your home to provide power to the appliance. Other forms of fan heaters in numerous electric places allow the heat settings to suit your preference.
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What is the Heat Tendency of the Electric Appliances?

Conventional fireplaces consist of a chimney, up to 80% of the heat produced that is emitted out of the home. While in the case of the electric fireplaces, the heat produced is released into the room. It means that the electric fireplaces emit heat at 100% efficiency, which is much higher than the other fireplaces in terms of the heat energy consumed. On a general note, a standard electric fireplace will emit an average of 4500 BTU that can produce approximately 5000 BTU and up to 6000 BTU for most of the top range electric fireplaces.
Some of the electric fireplaces will emit heat in approximately double the heat output of the standard ones with an average of 9000-10000 BTUs. It can be considered enough heat output to heat any room in your home.

Is the Electric Fireplace Flame Real?

The heat emitted from the heating element is entirely separate from the flame. The flame is emitted from the standard light bulb, mainly in LED. Here, the light reflects the pattern that gives the flame’s appearance.

Another benefit is that the flame is inaccurate, so no harmful substances or smoke is emitted from the electric fireplace. So it is convenient, and one can utilize the electric fireplace without the requirement of the chimney. Furthermore, it also provides greater flexibility as you can quickly put the electric fireplace in your home. You can place it on the wall or even use it as a TV stand.

So there you have it, electric fireplaces are more than just for Show! Do you wish to provide comfort to your close ones at home or even in the workplace? Check out the best electric fireplace at Masterfix Building. Avail quality work and service from here.