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How good is your indoor environment? Looks clean and fresh, the way you see it, but not really. Yes, that’s true, we can’t see a few things with our naked eyes. You must be neglecting the irregular flow of cooling and heating in your HVAC system. But we are pretty sure, the persistent breathing issues you and your family are going through are bothering you. In fact, it’s been observed that workspaces and the employees working in are also dealing with the same!

What’s the root cause of that? Can it be climate change, but how is the indoor environment affected by this climate change? You are cleaning your HVAC system on the dot, right? If not, then it's a matter of concern. Anyway, you also need to read these summarised points PubMed states:

“Building-related symptoms in office workers worldwide are common but of uncertain aetiology. One cause may be contaminants related to characteristics of heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems.”

“Symptoms may be due to microbial exposures from poorly maintained ventilation systems and to greater levels of vehicular pollutants at air intakes nearer the ground level. Replication and explanation of these findings is needed.”

“These findings support current beliefs that moisture-related HVAC components such as cooling coils and humidification systems, when poorly maintained, may be sources of contaminants that cause adverse health effects in occupants, even if we cannot yet identify or measure the causal exposures.”

Loud and clear, you really need regular HVAC cleaning services to keep your indoor space healthy and clean. Don’t worry; Master Fix has “HVAC Maple Ridge” too! And if googling “Maple Ridge plumbing and heating” or “furnace repair Maple Ridge,” Master Fix Building is the company you’ll find. Want to know what all services we will avail you with? Here you go!

Air handlers
Air quality
Water conditioning
Heat pumps
Air Ducts
Air Conditioners
Hot water tanks

Don’t wait for your indoor air to become dirtier; just give a ring on the numbers provided, and the team of Master Fix Building will be at your doorway in an hour.

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Contact us if you have any questions about some of our HVAC services. You can also call if you need help with a heating, cooling or air quality issues. We provide free quotes for any new heating or AC equipment installation. Whether you need residential or commercial services, our experienced HVAC specialists are ready to serve you.

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